Компания «Hyundai Engineering» стала официальным спонсором Игр «Ашхабад 2017»

The Hyundai Engineering company became the official sponsor of the Games "Ashgabat-2017"

The Hyundai Engineering company (Republic of Korea) will act as the official sponsor of the Games "Ashgabat-2017". Executive committee on preparation for the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts games declared it.

Besides participation in engineering projects in the territory of Turkmenistan since 2009, Hyundai Engineering for many years is involved in development of the Turkmen sport and is an official sponsor of the local soccer team "Chandybil".

Except "Hyundai Engineering" the Games "Ashgabat-2017" will be also sponsored by the MasterCard, Dragon Oil, CNPC companies and also Service of "Turkmenhowayollary" which became the first local sponsor in Turkmenistan who joined the Games "Ashgabat-2017" as the official partner.

The service of "Turkmenhowayollary" will also organize procedures of arrival and departure of flights from the International airport of Ashgabat during the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts games in September of this year. Collaborative planning on acceptance more than 8000 athletes and guests of the Games "Ashgabat-2017" was conducted within a year. Proceeding from it, the Turkmen airline took measures for expansion of route network of the flights.

The MasterCard company is well-known world brand sponsored tens of various large actions including prestigious sports competitions. As the area manager of MasterCard Igor Stepanov noted, "The company is glad to support so remarkable multisports event. We trust in high market potential of Turkmenistan not only concerning cashless payments, but also as the exclusive tourist area. Games in Ashgabat are going to become spectacular and to leave an unforgettable mark in the hearts of millions of people around the world".

The Dragon Oil company works in Turkmenistan for 17 years, having invested during this time about 6 billion US dollars in expansion of oil extraction in the territory of the country. The company sponsors also various social projects, sporting events and teams, including paraolympic. As the CEO of Dragon Oil Ali Al Dzharvan emphasized: "We are convinced that the Games "Ashgabat-2017" will improve image of the country on the international scene, and we are proud of the fact that we support their carrying out".

The CNPC company is the prime manufacturer and the supplier of the oil and gas industry of China, successfully works at the oil and gas market of Turkmenistan for 10 years and also pays attention to sponsoring of sports clubs, teams and actions.

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