Ecological safety – is important aspect of international cooperation on the Caspian Sea

Today the Caspian region is one of the major geopolitical and economic centers on the Euroasian space, acting as a powerful energy, transport and communication hub. For this reason the questions connected with an ecological safety became the central theme of the scientific and practical conference held in the National tourist area "Avaza" on August 12 when the international holiday – Day of the Caspian Sea - was celebrated.  

Ecologists, heads and specialists of nature protection structures, industry departments whose activities are connected with the Caspian Sea participated in the conference. Among guests there were representatives of the diplomatic representations of the Caspian states, the international organizations accredited in Turkmenistan - Development programs of the UN (PROON), OSCE, the European Union, Society of international cooperation of Germany, the Regional ecological center of Central Asia and etc.

As the speakers noted, intensive development of the sea coast, high growth rates of the oil and gas industry realized the projects on development planned for prospect in the region of the international logistic infrastructure connecting Europe and Asia – all this causes need of establishing the approved international cooperation based on accurate precepts of law, equality and mutual accounting of interests of all Caspian states here.

This subject was discussed also within the official visit of the President of Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan which took place on August 8-9, 2017. In the Declaration on strategic partnership between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan signed by Presidents of two countries following the results of the meeting at the highest levels importance of the fastest coordination and adoption of the Convention on legal status of the Caspian Sea designed to establish a legal framework of international cooperation on the Caspian Sea was emphasized.

Upgrade and modernization of Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries (TCOR) were given as a specific example of providing an ecological safety. The construction there of new technological installations is conducted with use of the advanced technologies allowing to protect the environment.

TCOR among the states of the CIS is the first among the entities, stopped production of ethylated gasolines, having marketed the high-octane fuel, hydro-purified diesel fuel conforming to international standards of quality. 

In June, 2017 on TCOR the new industrial system of treatment facilities and turnover water supply of fuel and petrochemical installations was put into operation. It allowed to reduce repeatedly risk of hit of hazardous substances to the soil and ground waters, the possibility of reuse of water, including for technical needs and watering of green plantings appeared.

Taking into account requirements of an ecological safety intensive rates conduct a construction of new international seaport in the city of the Turkmenbashi. This project providing a construction of car-and-passenger, container, loading, polypropylene terminals and other objects is developed according to the international standard Greenport.   

Day of the Caspian Sea became annually carried out action aimed at broad promoting of nature protection policy of Turkmenistan and also at expansion of the international ecological cooperation. The holiday was organized by the State committee of Turkmenistan on environmental protection and land resources, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State entity concerning the Caspian Sea in case of the President of Turkmenistan. In the same day cultural-educational and sporting events were performed.


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