The diversification of the partnerships considered during the meeting of the Turkmen-Georgian intergovernmental Commission

Ashgabat hosted the meeting of the Joint intergovernmental Turkmen-Georgian Commission for economic cooperation, which was attended by the heads and leading specialists of sectoral ministries and departments of the two countries.

Documenting with satisfaction the high level of the interstate dialogue, the co-chairs of the Commission confirmed the readiness of Turkmenistan and Georgia actively expand effective partnership.

Among the promising areas of bilateral cooperation were identified trade-economic sphere. Stressing that the modern era demands new approaches the participants of the meeting expressed confidence that the next meeting of the intergovernmental Commission will give impetus to further development of the traditional cooperation between Turkmenistan and Georgia.

Noting opportunities for increased trade, and in particular, the supply of petroleum products, textiles and products of private producers, members of the Commission were in favour of expanding the list of mutual supplies of products.

One of the strategic directions of the Turkmen-Georgian relations was named the field of transport. The South Caucasus is part of the Caspian-black sea transport-transit corridor, the use of which enables to ensure broad interregional integration with the countries of Europe, and the Middle East. Noting the common interests of the parties in this direction, participants of the meeting stressed that in this regard, Turkmenistan and Georgia are partners. In this context, it was noted the importance of creating a corridor Afghanistan-Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey.

Discussing the prospects of diversification of bilateral cooperation, the members of the Commission noted with satisfaction the fruitful cooperation in the energy sector.

The members of the Georgian delegation expressed interest in participating in the implementation of promising projects that benefit not only both countries, but also designed to give a strong impetus to building energy security in the entire Eurasian space.

Calling important aspect of inter-state dialogue, and also the strengthening of humanitarian contacts, first of all, in the field of education and science, members of the Commission called for boosting of cultural exchanges. In this context, an agreement was reached on carrying out of mutual Days of culture. Among the promising areas of cooperation is also called the sphere of sport and tourism.

Following the meeting signed a Protocol.

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