The government delegation of Turkmenistan participates in the 72nd session of General Assembly of the UN

In New York (USA) on September 12 there began the work of the 72nd session of the General Assembly of the United Nations. At the meeting of the Government which took place on September 8 the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov approved the structure of government delegation which will represent priority line items of our country in work of another forum of Community of the Nations.

The key vector of activities of Turkmenistan during the opened session determined support of the universal peace, safety and stability. In this regard it is offered to pay special attention to consolidation of efforts with partners in counteraction to terrorism. In particular, our country supports activization of multilateral partnership for the purpose of implementation of the Ashgabat declaration adopted following the results of "High-level dialogue Central Asia – the UN", on implementation of Global counterterrorist strategy of the UN in Central Asia.

As well as in previous years, one of the main directions of foreign policy strategy of Turkmenistan is the cooperation in the energy sphere, ensuring steady and fair access to energy resources. Turkmenistan will perform accurately and steadily provisions of the relevant resolutions of General Assembly of the UN aimed at providing reliable and stable power supply and for this purpose again confirms the readiness for development of close interaction with all interested states and the international organizations.

In 2017 Turkmenistan performs functions of the state chairman of the Conference of the International Energy Charter. In this regard the country within a year performs a number of the complex measures designed to intensify process of development of the new international legal mechanism in the field of steady power.

Along with it Turkmenistan will actively participate in process of creation of the organizational, legal, economic, technical and other conditions necessary for diversification of power sources and routes of deliveries of energy carriers.

One of priorities of activities of the world community in the field of steady power is strengthening of interaction between the states and the international structures in questions of providing an energy efficiency and energy saving. With respect thereto, within the session our country considers it expedient to begin process on generalization of conclusions and recommendations of the international meetings and conferences on an energy perspective held under the auspices of the UN for the purpose of their future concentrated statement in the relevant multilateral document of the UN.

Further strengthening of partnership in the interests of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) will become a priority vector of activities of our state on the international scene. In this aspect the main role in forming of the base necessary for effective implementation of SDG will be allocated to the Scientific practically center created in case of Institute of the international relations.

Noting the significance of sport as the most important factor of sustainable development, Turkmenistan, based on the Final declaration of the International sports congress "the Asian Games 2017: the international sports cooperation for the sake of the world and development", will propose carrying out in our country under the auspices of UNESCO of the 7th International conference of the ministers and leading employees responsible for physical training and sport.

Besides, Turkmenistan attaches huge significance to activities of the UN Regional center for preventive diplomacy for Central Asia. In this context within the session of General Assembly it will be offered to consider the possibility of development and adoption of the Resolution in support of mechanisms of preventive diplomacy in the solution of current problems on safety and the piece.

Among the main initiatives activization of work of the world community in ensuring global cyber security is also called, taking into account realities of the modern world which development is followed by breakthrough achievements in information and technological spheres.

Turkmenistan as one of the important directions of the foreign policy activities determines the building-up of the international economic cooperation. For this purpose during the session priority attention will be paid to questions of development of power and transport and communication systems. Our state will continue active assistance of implementation by the world community of the decisions made at the initiative of the Turkmen side on forming new and intensifications of functioning of the existing international transport and transit corridors. Also Turkmenistan will suggest to consider the possibility of preparation of the Resolution "Development of communication between all transport modes for achievement of SDG".

During the session our state will also actively participate in international efforts according to the solution of the major questions of environmental protection, water resources management, prevention and mitigation of the consequences of natural and technogenic catastrophes.

Taking into account presidency of Turkmenistan in the International Fund of Salvation of the Aral Sea (IFSAS) it is offered to hold in 2018 in our country the Summit of heads of the founder states of IFSAS with participation of a number of the international structures, such as Development program of the UN (DPUN), United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), Regional center UN for preventive diplomacy for Central Asia.

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