Three days of Games Ashgabat-2017: the national team of Turkmenistan have won 29 gold, 21 silver and 12 bronze medals

The third day the Games "Ashgabat-2017" became successful for the national team of Turkmenistan. It brought to sporting achievements of the country directly 25 medals, including 13 gold, 7 silver and 5 bronze awards. Following the results of all game days on the account of the national team are 62 awards: 29 - the highest test, 21 - silver advantage, and 12 - bronze.

In the men's category gold medals in national Turkmen fight in classical style were won by Redzhepali Orazalyev (weight category more than 100 kg), Seydi Batyrov (to 100 kg), Allanur Gochov (57 kg), Ismail Orazov (62 kg), Dovletgeldi Berdyev (68 kg), Redzhepgeldy Gylychnyyazov (75 kg), Hanmukhamet Patdyev (82 kg), Murgapgeldi Atdayev (90 kg).

Among women Jahan Mukhamedova (over 70 kg), Lachin Badaglyeva (52 kg), Zukhra Madraimova (58 kg), Gulnar Hayytbayeva (63 kg) and Nasiba Surkiyeva (70 kg) achieved success.

Silver medals in this type of fight were gotten by  Dzhepbar Atamammedov (over 100 kg), Kerim Redzhepov (100 kg), Satlyk Myradov (57 kg), Iskender Ashirov (62 kg), Arslan Hodzhamberdyev (68 kg), Byashim Orazov (75 kg).

Bronze medals in women's team of Turkmenistan in national Turkmen fight were won by Maksuda Yegemberdyeva (more than 70 kg), Zarina Abdyrakhmanova (58 kg) and Rano Uzakov (70 kg).

In the continuing ju-jitsu competitions till today are generally played bronze medals in "Ne-waza" style, in which Mergen Dzhorayev (85 kg) and Dzhanibek Atadzhanov (94 kg) received the third place.

In Thai boxing competitions where duels of the first circle passed, Nurgeldi Atayev (up to 63,5 kg) and Mukhammetnur Melayev (75 kg) left in a quarter-final and will continue further fight in a tournament. 

The first medal events were held in taekwondo. At men in weight categories of 74 kg and 54 kg "gold" was won by representatives of Iran, and at women in weight category of 46 kg the victory was won by the sportswoman from the People's Republic of China.

Yesterday fight joined masters of a bar. In the female category "silver" was taken by our compatriot – Yulduz Dzhumabayeva in weight category up to 48 kg, having gained in breakthrough and a push in total 189 kilograms, having yielded only one kilogram to the sportswoman from the People's Republic of China which won the first place.

In a match on a futsal in group "A" pure victory was held by the men's national team of Turkmenistan, who won team of Hong Kong with the score 7:1. Thanks to this victory our team approached the national team of the Solomon Islands which beat in the second match team of the Chinese Taipei with the score 4:3. Now the team of the Solomon Islands has 6 points, the national teams of Turkmenistan and the Chinese Taipei - 3, but at the same time our team has played one match less.

In the evening competitions on a bicycle track of the Olympic complex started. Medal events in men's team sprint were held. Gold in this discipline – is at team of Iran.

Today competitions in belt wrestling, billiard, basketball 3 on 3 will begin. Matches for medals of Games in futsal and tennis court, competitions on bicycle tracks will continue, speeches of athletes and weight-lifters will take place, fighters will meet in duels in ju-jitsu, Thai boxing, taekwondo.

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