200th medal at the Games "Ashgabat 2017" brought Turkmenistan wrestler, Begmurad Meredov

Continued in Ashgabat V Asian indoor games and martial arts, our compatriot Begmurad Meredov won for Turkmenistan 200th in the all medals standings. This success this talented athlete, who celebrated his 25th anniversary 16th of September, made in Sambo competitions in the weight category up to 68 kg.

In this weight struggle for the medals were 15 wrestlers. In the first match, Begmurad beat Gada Moussa (Lebanon) and then in the quarterfinals defeated the Tolegen Nurgaliev (Kazakhstan) is 4:1 in the semifinal with the same score took precedence over the Eldos Masiev (Kyrgyzstan), and the final lost Sarbon Ernazarov (Uzbekistan) and settled for a silver medal.

In started yesterday on the Games "Ashgabat 2017" Sambo tournament within three days will be drawn 23 sets of medals. In sport Sambo, the prize-winners will be determined in 7 weight categories among men and women and in combat Sambo in nine men.

- This medal is for me, the most valuable and worthy, I am satisfied with the result. Because I deserve it in the V Asian games passing in our country, - told reporters, Begmurad Meredov. 

- My idol is my dad - the master of sports of international class, says Begmurad. And I've always wanted to live up to his expectations and be like him. He is an example to follow, an example of character, strength of will. And under him and his guidance I became involved in this sport since the age of 13. 

- I am grateful to my coach for his support and confidence in me led to the final, where I get a worthy medal, said Begmurad. And I want to thank all the people of Turkmenistan who were supported our athletes and from me personally, thank you so much. And I am grateful to the President of Turkmenistan, our Arkadag, for the holding of these Games where we, the athletes have entered their names.

Begmurad Meredov, is a first year student of the Turkmen state Polytechnic Institute.

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