The closing ceremony promises to be the brilliant final of the Games, "the Ashgabat 2017," the creative Director "Balich Worldwide Shows"

Attention participants and spectators of the V Asian indoor games and martial arts is switched to the Ashgabat Olympic complex in anticipation of the closing Ceremony of the Games, "the Ashgabat 2017" Wednesday, September 27, the farewell show will again bring together athletes of all 65 delegations of the countries of Asia and Oceania. 

As reported at the Executive Committee, under the leadership of creative Director "Balich Worldwide Shows" Simone Ferrari the closing ceremony of the Games "Ashgabat 2017" will present to attention of participants and millions of viewers around the world an impressive show. 

The ceremony is the final point of the 12 exciting and challenging competition days, which were attended by thousands of spectators, reflecting the incredible efforts of thousands of volunteers, the First stars, shows to guests of the Games "Ashgabat 2017" the friendliness and warmth of Turkmenistan. 

According to Ferrari, the closing Ceremony will be more stories on sport, nation and art, which will be reflected through artistic productions and different perspectives. 

- This show is not one man show of this magnitude can only be created by joint efforts of hundreds of people - admitted Simone. 

Ferrari is a young creative Director from Italy, who has gained experience in various large-scale shows, working with the best professionals in the world, including the ceremony of the Olympic games and the world shows.

He said that some of the artistic subjects will give a different view about Turkmenistan, for example, look at the country through the eyes of children. 

"I'm trying to create an unexpected transformation, the turning point that changes everything, or surprise to what is already familiar. Each story should be one big part that will forever remain in the memory". 

29-year-old Ferrari will debut here as creative Director and is expected to demonstrate style and ability to combine different media technologies. 

Since the work on the closing ceremony of the Paralympic games Sochi 2014, he was the creative Director of the world show OperaPop and large entertainments in Kazakhstan. In the United Arab Emirates his team worked on the National day celebration where they were able to recreate rain inside the theater, built from scratch. 

"This is my professional debut work on the stadium, and a very important step for me. I am a former professional musician and I have a diploma of theatre arts. As a creative person, I always tried to combine the music with the show, for example, in the Italian version of 'Stomp' in which I worked." 

Ferrari says that the closing ceremony dedicated to the First stars, as without their dedicated and successful work of such stunning of the Games "Ashgabat 2017" it is impossible to imagine.

I hope they'll leave happy, feeling the pride, the relationship with the Games, creating a portrait of Turkmenistan, which is not in the books, and will be able to recognize themselves and their place in the history of the people. I hope they will be able to look at their country and its artists and to see it from the other side. I will be happy if will be able to bring it all on the stadium, - says S. Ferrari.


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