The results of work of energy industry for 9 months 2017 are summed up

Today in the central building of the oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan the reporting meeting under the chairmanship of the vice-chairman of Cabinet council Maksata Babayev on which results of work of the entities of the industry for last 9 months 2017 have been discussed took place.

During the meeting with detailed reports about the performed works and also the drawn-up plans for 2017 heads of State concerns "Turkmengas", "Turkmennebit", the State corporation "Turkmengeology" and Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries acted.

In particular, information on the carried-out works of the Associations "Türkmengazüpjünçilik" and "Türkmengazakdyryş" of the State concern "Turkmengas" was heard. In this regard the vice-chairman noted progress  of the corresponding entities around the city Ashgabat, in Ahal and Balkan Regions.  

At the meeting special attention was paid to activities of Research institution of natural gas of the State concern "Turkmengas" and Scientific design institute of the State concern "Turkmennebit". In this regard the vice-chairman gave to heads a number of the corresponding orders and charged to prepare offers on further development of activities of the entities in the shortest possible time.       

Besides at the meeting reports about 2D and 3D the seismic researches aimed at finding new gas and oil fields, the performed measures for increase in oil extraction and natural gas and also about implementation of new technologies were heard.

In conclusion of the meeting the vice-chairman, having noted the integral importance of the oil and gas complex in stable development of national economy, stated that timely execution of all orders and also goal achievement delivered by the President of Turkmenistan to the complex was a priority for each worker of the industry.


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