The EU considers the Trans-Caspian pipeline as an additional element of the SGC

For the European Union, the Trans-Caspian pipeline project, which provides for the transport of gas from Central Asia to the European market, is an important additional element of the Southern Gas Corridor project. This was stated to Trend by Bernd Birvert  Deputy Head of the Cabinet of the European Commission Vice-President for Energy Union Maros Shefovich, commenting on the recent developments regarding the legal status of the Caspian Sea, on which the implementation of the Trans-Caspian Pipeline project depends.

"The implementation of the Trans-Caspian pipeline project meets the interests of both Europe and our partners in Turkmenistan.To this goal, in 2015 we signed the Ashgabat Declaration with the Turkmen, Turkish, Azerbaijani and Georgian sides on cooperation in the energy sector," - Birvert said.

Birvert noted that all parties remained committed to the implementation of the declaration and were in constant contact to explore opportunities for cooperation.

 In 2011, the European Union adopted a mandate to negotiate a legally binding agreement between the EU, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan on the construction of the Trans-Caspian Pipeline System. 

 The EU first proposed an agreement in support of an infrastructure project. The agreement on the Trans-Caspian pipeline will lay the foundation for the construction of a submarine pipeline connecting Turkmenistan with Azerbaijan and, in turn, will connect this pipeline with the infrastructure that will deliver gas from Central Asia to the EU. 

Discussions with Baku and Ashgabat concern, inter alia, the treaty establishing legal obligations between the European Union, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, the bilateral agreements necessary for these Caspian states to achieve the commissioning, construction and operation of the Trans-Caspian pipeline itself, as well as agreements for filling the Turkmen gas pipeline with Turkmen gas, including the proper recognition of commercial arrangements. 

 Earlier, Deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Khalaf Khalafov said that the draft convention on the legal status of the Caspian Sea also includes the issue of construction of trans-Caspian pipelines, the news agency said.


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