The Turkmen gas would help Turkey to diversify its energy carriers imports, - expert

The implementation of the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline project will potentially bring certain benefits to Turkey, on accordance with growing domestic demand for gas. This is the opinion of Robert M. Cutler, an expert on Eurasian studies with a focus on Central, South and South-West Asia. He expressed his point of view in the article "Turkey and the Convention on the legal regime of the Caspian sea " published in the Turkish daily newspaper Yeni Safak.

With the forthcoming signing by the heads of the Caspian States of the above-mentioned document, which will determine the legal status of the Caspian sea, there will be quite attractive opportunities in the field of withdrawal of Caspian gas resources to European markets.

For its part, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan are ready to lay a pipe through the Caspian sea. And, undoubtedly, two energy-rich Caspian countries, following the strategy of diversification of energy export routes, will make every effort to implement the project, the Turkish expert believes.

In one of his latest articles, the analyst proposed two possible options for transporting Turkmen energy resources to Europe and they both begin with the Trans-Caspian pipeline. One of the likely routes with a capacity of 16 billion cubic meters of gas per year will pass through Turkey.

At the same time, according to the author of the article, part of the volume of Turkmen "blue fuel" Turkey can buy for domestic consumption, which will allow Ankara to diversify the sources of imports.

In 2016-2017, Turkey imported an average of 46-48 billion cubic meters of gas. The largest gas suppliers to Turkey are Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan.

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