Turkmen carpets from hydrocarbons will be presented at the exhibition in Almaty

Unusual carpets brand "Novruz haly", produced in Turkmenistan will be presented in Almaty, where from 24 to 27 February will be held the 15th international exhibition of home textiles (Central Asia Home textile), organized by the exhibition company of Kazakhstan, Central Asia Trade Exhibitions.

According to ORIENT news Agency, the Turkmen economic Association "Muhammet Balkan", which will take part in the upcoming exhibition, specializes in the production of carpets of the trademark "Nowruz haly" from acrylic yarn derived from the products of oil and gas processing. The exhibition will feature designer carpets of different styles, shapes and types (for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, etc.). The total weight of the presented carpets will be 350 kg.

Participating in the exhibition, "Muhammet Balkan", a member of the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, intends to acquaint foreign partners with new production and establish export deliveries of products to the countries of Central Asia.

The partner of economic Association is JSC Abadan haly which supplies the enterprise with raw materials for production and, in turn, develops it from production of a domestic oil and gas complex.

Earlier it was reported that JSC" Abadan haly " two years ago established in Ashgabat production of carpet yarns from polypropylene for innovative development. The workshop, designed to produce 8 tons of products per day, is equipped with European manufacturers – "Oerlikon", "Volkman", "Power Heat Seat" (Germany), "Gilbos" (Belgium).

These innovative products make it from the raw material of granulated polypropylene and synthetic dyes - get ready colored threads high strength, various thicknesses and a wide color gamut. The new equipment allows not only to create colorful patterns, but also to reproduce drawings of any complexity.

The focus on innovative technologies and the use of high-precision digital equipment made it possible for Turkmen manufacturers to reach a qualitatively different level of work and to promote a fundamentally new product to the market.

Granulated polypropylene is produced at Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries. These products are used in various sectors of the national economy, as well as purchased by foreign consumers.

"Muhammet Balkan" in addition to the production of carpets engaged in the construction of industrial enterprises, educational institutions, sports complexes and other facilities.

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