Turkmenistan has put into operation a glass factory, which has no analogues in the region

In Turkmenistan, the largest glass factory in the region was commissioned by the Ministry of industry of Turkmenistan. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Chairman of the Mejlis, members of the government, heads of military and law enforcement agencies, ministries and sectoral agencies, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in the country, foreign businessmen and the media took part in the solemn ceremony held on Wednesday.

The project, which started in 2015, was implemented under the contract of the Ministry of industry of Turkmenistan with the Turkish company "Tepe Türkmen inşaat ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi". The new building is located on an area of 24 hectares in the industrial zone of Ovadandepe Geoktepe etrap (district) of Ahal velayat (region).

The new plant will have the technological line of the whole chain of process, including a workshop for the preparation of raw materials based on quartz sand, and smelting Department, the line "float bath" for the production of float sheet glass various sizes and thickness, the separation of the hardening and annealing plant of industrial glass processing and production of finished products.

The decision to build here the largest enterprises of the "Turkmen aýna onumleri", which has no analogues in the region, dictated by the viability of creating the innovation of the glass industry on the basis of their own resources. The project was based on the advanced technology of glass production method "float", first used in Turkmenistan. 

As Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted at the opening ceremony of the complex, the new enterprise has installed technological equipment from Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria and Finland. It is planned to annually produce one million square meters of tinted, 100 thousand square meters of laminated, 300 thousand square meters of tempered glass, as well as 400 thousand square meters of double-glazed Windows. All products will meet the highest international standards. Currently, the production of 15 types of containers of different capacities for household and medical purposes is arranged here. Most of these products will be exported to foreign countries.

The President also stressed: "We have set ourselves a great goal – to turn our independent country into an industrially developed state. In this regard, a large-scale work was launched to increase the production of import-substituting products and export goods, to create new jobs."

In this regard, the head of state noted that Turkmenistan possesses the richest reserves of natural resources, their rational, careful use in the interests of the people is the main task of industry. Modern enterprises equipped with the latest technological equipment from the world's leading companies are systematically built in the country, production of various types of products of wide demand is being established. This has led to an abundance of consumer goods in our markets and additional jobs have been created.

According to the President, recently the industrial sector of the country is developing dynamically and reaching a qualitatively new level. During the years of independence, large-scale production facilities were put into operation in Turkmenistan, many other enterprises are being built at a high pace.

The Head of State also noted that the commissioning of "Turkmen aýna onumleri" would significantly reduce the volume of imports of relevant products into the country, and in the future to establish exports in a wide range of finished glass products. The inherent capacity of the glass giant focused on the most promising areas in this market.

Currently in the industrial area of Ovadandepe successfully operate a State enterprise "Тurkmendemironumleri" for the production of metal products and fittings, large aerated concrete plant and factory to process marble and granite Joint stock company of closed type "Тurkmenmermer", producing coating materials from local natural stone.

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