Seidi oil refinery has successfully implemented the programme for the production of export-oriented products

At the beginning of March will mark a year since the Seidi refinery was put into operation plant for the production of high-octane petrol A-98 (Euro-5), according to the electronic newspaper "Golden age". It is known that fuel of this brand differs in the lowered content of sulfur and polycyclic aromatic carbohydrates thanks to what the term and quality of work of automobile engines increase and harmful emissions in the atmosphere considerably decrease.

Modern production was commissioned by the American company "Westport Trading Europe Limited". The design capacity of the plant equipped with automatic control system is 500 thousand tons per year of products meeting international standards.

On new site comes pipes manufactured at the plant straight run gasoline 50/180. It goes through complex processes of heating and cooling, selection of unnecessary compounds, mixing with hydrogen and, finally, fuel, brought to high standards, fed into the commodity shop. All these cycles of the technological chain are reflected on computer displays. In the control center, the operators, watching the screens around the clock, control and, if necessary, make adjustments to the stages of conversion of straight-run gasoline from oil produced from the Lebap and Akhal fields into gasoline of improved quality a-98.

Forty people work in shifts at the new plant. About half of them are specialists with higher education, who graduated from universities in our country and abroad.

The commissioning of the plant for the production of gasoline Euro-5 standard reflects purposefully carried out in our country, the policy of deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials and improve the environmental performance of the fuels and lubricants. In turn, this trend contributes to the growth of operational properties of domestic fuel. The advantages are obvious, it is no coincidence that the new production in Sadi is delivered to neighboring Afghanistan. This became possible after the opening of the first stage of the international steel highway Atamyrat – Ymamnazar – Akina (IRA) at the end of 2016.

Three years ago at the Seidi oil refinery was launched a modern unit for the production of road bitumen produced from the oil company. Its design capacity is more than 37 thousand tons of high-quality import-substituting products. The course for the innovative development of the Seida refinery within the framework of the program of social and economic development of Turkmenistan for 2018-2024 will be continued.

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