China wants more gas

China is making plans to significantly increase natural gas imports. How else they can meet the needs of the people of China, because in recent years the country has seen a boom in the consumption of environmentally friendly fuel.

According to the news Agency ORIENT, the head of the State Committee for development and reforms of the country Hae Lifeng, communicating with journalists, said that only last year the people of China was provided with 237 billion cubic meters of natural gas, which was 14% more than in 2016.

According to the high-ranking official, the authorities of the country for the first time faced such a significant increase in demand for blue fuel, and now, ensuring energy security, it will be necessary to take these factors into account.

The head of the State Committee for development and reforms of the PRC immediately identified the sources by which natural gas supplies to the country will be increased. Among them are the States of Central Asia, the Asia-Pacific region and Russia, which is building a gas pipeline "Power of Siberia" to China.

To emphasize the growing role of natural gas in the energy balance of the country, Hae Lifeng also said that among the cities of China, Shanghai has the largest reserves of fuel, where gas reserves are maintained at the level of 15 days, and Beijing, where gas reserves should be enough for a decade.

When Hae Lifeng talked about Central Asia as suppliers of gas to China, of course, he was referring to Turkmenistan. After all, the main fuel for China for many years was coal, and only the launch in 2009 of the Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-China gas pipeline opened in the Celestial era of natural gas. Since that time, the share of natural gas consumption in the country has only increased, as people of China quickly appreciated the advantages of blue fuel over coal, including - the improvement of the environment of large Chinese cities, which began to occur with the rejection of coal.


Currently, Turkmenistan is the largest exporter of pipeline natural gas, which, incidentally, is cheaper than liquefied gas. With the construction of the fourth branch D of the Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline, annual deliveries of Turkmen natural gas to China will reach 65 billion cubic meters.

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