Modernization of the Turkmenbashi oil refinery diversify export of Turkmenistan

Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries (TCOR) modernizes the delayed coking and deasphalting of tar. Heavy residues from oil products made at the enterprise will be processed here, and it will expand the range of goods with high added value produced at the plant, the ORIENT news Agency notes.

Modernization of this facility is a key stage in the diversification of production of Turkmen oil products. Their production will allow the country to master new markets and increase exports.

The production of needle coke, which is also planned to be produced at the new plant, will promote Turkmenistan's position in the global market of electrical goods.

This oil product is a raw material for the production of graphite electrodes. They are necessary for the manufacture of ovens and electric stoves, as well as a number of other devices in great demand.

The increase in production at the Turkmenbashi oil refinery will also expand the geography of supplies of Turkmen fuel. For example, Euro-5 gasoline, which will be produced by the new unit, meets the high environmental requirements of importing countries in North America and Europe.

The delayed coking plant will also allow to establish production of liquefied gas, high-octane gasoline, high-viscosity oils and other light oil products, which are in great demand in the world market. The depth of refining at Turkmenbashi oil refinery will increase to 95%.

The development of the production of these products with high added value will diversify the export of Turkmen goods and will allow the country to increase its presence in the world market of petroleum products.

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