TAPI gas pipeline began its peace mission in Afghanistan

A number of political scientists predicted the stabilizing effect of the construction of the Turkmenistan - Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline on the situation in Afghanistan torn by internal conflicts. However, none of them suggested that TAPI will begin to give peace to the souls of Afghans.

Just recently, in late February, on the Turkmen-Afghan border the ceremony of launching of the first part of the Afghan part of TAPI took place, and in early March the publication the Afghan TOLO News reported that a squad of Taliban consisting of 70 fighters ready to stop the war with the Afghan government on the condition that they will be given jobs in construction of the pipeline.

Thus, yesterday's opponents expressed readiness to protect an energy route which will provide local population with work and gas moreover will bring dividends for its transit to the neighboring states. And the authorities of Herat province, having held talks with the Taliban, agreed with their proposal.

Governor of Herat Mohammad Asif Rahimi welcomed the step of the group and said that the local government will provide them with employment opportunities after their entry into the peace process, Tolo News notes.

"The door of peace is open, a peace proposal was proposed to all anti-government armed groups," - the publication quotes of the word of Rahimi. 

And this is not an unique case. TOLO News also informs that earlier the group of 10 fighters too expressed readiness to stop the armed resistance in exchange for work on construction of the TAPI gas pipeline.

The transnational gas pipeline, more than 1,800 kilometres long, will transport 33 billion cubic metres of natural gas from Turkmenistan to Pakistan and India through Afghanistan. According to experts, the TAPI pipeline will bring Afghanistan up to 1 billion US dollars per year in transit benefits and will create up to 12 thousand jobs.

Thus, it can be told that the statements of Ashgabat, in addition solve not purely economic problems, the TAPI gas pipeline project, which, incidentally, has led to the construction of a power line and fiber-optic communication line, will bring peace to the long-suffering land of Afghanistan, will create preconditions for the expansion of international partnership, and will also contribute to stability in the region.

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