Uzbekistan aims to increase trade turnover with Turkmenistan to 500 million dollars

Recently approved by the President of the country "Priority directions of development of foreign policy and foreign economic cooperation with the main foreign partners in the medium term" were announced in Uzbekistan, the news Agency Media-Turkmen ORIENT notes.

According to this kind of road map, Tashkent puts its closest neighbors – the countries of Central Asia, including Turkmenistan, with which the Republic shares one of its longest borders-at the forefront of foreign activity. In accordance with the document, Uzbekistan aims to bring the trade turnover with Turkmenistan to 500 million US dollars.

The planned figure is several times higher than the current ones. It is planned to achieve this goal by expanding cross-border cooperation and by holding joint forums and councils. Strengthening of financial and investment ties and industrial cooperation will also help to increase the volume of commodity exchange.

In the transport and communication sphere, Uzbekistan plans to ensure the exit of its goods to Europe and Turkey in transit through Turkmenistan's largest logistics hub in the Caspian sea — the international port of Turkmenbashi. We are talking about the organization of transit cargo flows on the multimodal route Tashkent — Turkmenbashi – Baku – Tbilisi — Kars.

There are also a number of steps to enhance the participation of the Uzbek side in the project of the international transport corridor Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan-Iran-Oman. In particular, Tashkent will establish direct air links with Tehran, as well as with the Indian cities of Kolkata and Bangalore. In February 2018, India became an official member of the Ashgabat agreement on the creation of the Central Asia – middle East corridor.

The priorities of the medium-term agenda in political relations with the Central Asian region include the final completion of the delimitation and demarcation of state borders, the speedy settlement of water use issues, and the strengthening of contacts between the legislative bodies, public organizations and peoples.

Currently, Ashgabat and Tashkent are preparing for the summit, scheduled to be held in the Uzbek capital and designed to become one of their landmark events in the history of bilateral relations.

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