The European Parliament is ready to start negotiations with the EU Council on amendments to the gas Directive

The European Parliament (EP) is ready to start negotiations with the EU Council on amendments to the EU Gas Directive as soon as the Council takes its necessary decisions. It is told about it in the message of Parliament.

The Parliament can start negotiations with the Council on the basis of the text approved by the EP Committee on energy, industry and research, the release said. According to the release, the head of the Committee Jerzy Buzek will lead the negotiations.

The EC proposed amendments to the EU Gas Directive in November 2017. Their goal is to ensure that certain provisions of the EU energy legislation are applied not to some, but to all gas pipelines in the territory of the European Union that go from third countries and to them. Such norms include, in particular, non-discriminatory tariff setting for gas pumping, access by third parties to the possibility of pumping blue fuel, separation of gas sales and transportation activities. So far, these regulations do not apply to offshore gas pipelines.

The European Commission proposed that the new rules, in case of entry into force, concern not only future gas pipelines, but also existing ones. However, an exception mechanism is possible. Thus, these amendments may affect the operation of the current Nord stream gas pipeline, as well as the Nord stream 2 pipeline that is being created.

The EP Committee adopted its position on the text at the end of March, proposing, inter alia, a number of amendments. Now the representatives of the EU countries in the Council should agree on a common position on the proposed draft law, RIA Novosti reported.

When this is done, the EU Council and the European Parliament will start negotiations to find a compromise version of the bill. The compromise, if found, is subject to separate approval by the EP and the Council. Only upon completion of this procedure the instrument can enter into force.

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