OPEC will remain the main supplier of oil in the world until the end of 2040

OPEC member countries will remain the leading supplier of oil in the world market until the end of 2040, according to the cartel report.

"Production of oil and condensate will increase to 11 million b/d in 2024 and will peak at 11.7 million b/d at the beginning of 2030-ies," - said the organization.

Production in 48 continental States will increase in 2018 by an average of 1.3 million b / s. by 2025, the region will increase oil and condensate supplies to the global market by 4.2 million b/s.

In the same period, to dominate the American supplies will be fields of the Permian basin. The total volume of production here will reach 56% of total production in the Lower 48.

Deliveries from States outside the cartel and without the US, in General, will remain stable until 2030, according to "Finmarket".

Production in Russia will increase in the early 2020's, after the lifting of restrictions on production, before returning to decline, experts predict.

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