Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan intend to enter into an agreement on the transit goods

Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan intend to conclude tripartite agreement on the transit products with the aim of increasing the transport of cooperation. The same agreement may also be linked Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan. Information about it sounded during the Kazakh-afghan trade-economic conference in Astana where you were discussed the technical aspects of the compounds of the countries of the region in the logistics chain, according to the information agency ORIENT with reference to the kazakhstan business channel AbcTV.

"The decision of questions transit through Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan can give additional capacity to supply kazakhstan products in Afghanistan," said on the forum deputy minister for investment and development of Kazakhstan Arystan Kabikenov, adding that the tripartite agreement between the specified countries are priority direction for Kazakhstan.

According to the official, the development process agreements currently active conducted at the level of the governments of state and train administrations.

The idea of improving the transport of the interaction between the Central Asian countries in part of the transport of logistics supported well as the head of the afghan delegation the minister of industry and trade Afghanistan Humayun Rasav.

Recall that last month kazakhstan MEDIA announced the launch of the new route of transportation flour and grain products of kazakhstan of Kostanaj the transit through Turkmenistan in Afghanistan. As noted, the scheme shipment flour and grain in Afghanistan through Turkmen railway line, providing an accelerated turnover rolling stock, it is best kazakhstan producers of agricultural products and companies-exporters.

Recently, in Turkmenistan when equity the participation of transport ministries and agencies established AOOT Transport and logistics center.

The main objective of this structure will be the involvement of potential international transport-transit corridors, increasing the competitiveness of transport complex, the increase in volume transit goods.

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