The first combined steam and gas power plant was put into operation in Turkmenistan

With the participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the first combined-cycle power plant in Turkmenistan was put into operation on September 8. The new facility was built on the territory of Mary HPP, where celebrations were held to mark the opening of the new power plant and the day of workers of the energy industry of Turkmenistan.

There are 4 gas turbines of General Electric company (USA), with a capacity 263,5 MW each, two steam turbines of 260 MW each and other high-tech equipment.

As the head of state noted at the opening ceremony of the facility, the commissioning of the new power plant is a confirmation of the successful implementation of the Concept of the electric power industry of Turkmenistan for 2013-2020. This Concept aims at increasing the annual electricity generation in the country to 26 billion 380 million kilowatt hours of energy by 2020.

The combined-cycle power plant put into operation is recognized as the largest in Central Asia. Advanced technologies used in its construction allow to combine the use of gas and steam in power generation. This reduces harmful emissions and increases the efficiency of the plant, which has an annual capacity of 1574 MW.

During the opening ceremony of the power plant, which operates on the basis of coordinated management with the Mary HPP, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was awarded international certificates for environmental friendliness and efficiency. These documents confirm that Turkmenistan supports the efforts of the world community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Paris agreement on climate change and carries out a systematic transition to a "green economy".

Certificates attesting to the environmental safety and high efficiency of the new facility were presented by Annie SASCO, Director for European countries of the American Foundation for healthy ecology and Anton Lepigson, Director of the energy Department of the max Planck Institute.

The certificate "high-Tech energy facility" was presented by Andreas Jansen-Manager for European countries of the Swiss Federal Institute of technology.

As noted at the opening ceremony, if the efficiency factor of a simple cycle power plant is, on average, 34.2 per cent, then the combined cycle efficiency increases by more than one and a half times and is over 56 per cent. In addition, the consumption of natural gas used as fuel is significantly reduced. Steam and gas power plants are attractive in environmental terms, as the amount of emissions into the atmosphere of combustion products-carbon dioxide-is reduced by 2-3 times.

As the head of state noted, one of the main tasks of Turkmen power engineers in the implementation of industry projects is the use of the latest resource-saving, environmentally friendly technologies, high-performance, reliable equipment.

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