Turkmenistan's GDP growth is at 6.2 percent

According to the macroeconomic indicators of 8 months of 2018, the GDP growth of Turkmenistan amounted to 6.2 percent, including in the industrial sector – by 4.4 percent. This was reported at a government meeting last Friday.

The retail trade turnover in comparison with the same period last year is higher by 19.5 percent.

The average monthly wage increased by 9.2 percent compared to the corresponding period of 2017. Salaries, pensions, state benefits and student scholarships were paid in full and on time.

During the period under review, 77 social facilities, 32 water and wastewater treatment facilities, and more than 223.5 thousand square meters of housing were built at an accelerated pace in all regions of the country within the framework of the National rural program

The volume of disbursed investments from all sources of financing for the corresponding period amounted to 1201.1 million manats.

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