President of Turkmenistan took part in the opening ceremony of " Amul-Hazar 2018»

On the evening of September 10, a parade dedicated to the start of the rally "Amul Hazar 2018" was held on the main square of Turkmenabat with the Participation of the President of Turkmenistan. Participants of the parade were more than 150 athletes-pilots and navigators, who on September 11 will go to conquer the unpredictable Sands of the Garagum desert.

Dozens of journalists from 25 countries, who will also conduct online broadcasting of the marathon, came to cover the grandiose scale of the competition.

83 crews will take part in eco-rally RAID, some-out of offset. Their racing cars one after another rose on a specially erected podium with an arch. Demonstrating their off-road vehicles, the participants welcomed the numerous spectators.

The parade lasted about an hour and a half, during which the presenter announced the names of drivers from the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and other countries that will take part in the rally "Amul-Hazar 2018" on such cars as Nissan, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, BMW, Suzuki, Mini, Toyota, Peugeot, Opel, Porsche, Land Rover, Suzuki, Chrysler, among the "heavyweights" - KAMAZ, MAZ, GAZ, MAN.

This eco-rally-RAID will take place along the historical route Of the great silk road, which ran through the territory of our country in ancient times. Nowadays Turkmenistan not only revives the great silk road, it becomes the most important transport hub of the region.

For this purpose, a transport infrastructure meeting international standards is being created, highways are being built, transnational steel highways are being built, railway and road bridges, and new air harbors are being built. Only in 2018, held in our homeland under the motto "Turkmenistan-the heart of the great silk road", two major objects of the transit and transport system of the country-the international seaport in Turkmenbashi and Turkmenabat airport were opened.

This city is the successor of Amul, where many trade roads leading to Iran, India and Eastern Europe converged... And this will start the rally route which will run through all provinces of the country, the Garagum desert and finishes in Avaza, on the Caspian sea – Caspian pipeline.

The total length of the route is 1571 kilometers. The race, which in

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