Oil prices rise: Brent- $ 79.22 per barrel, WTI - $71.63

World oil prices are steadily rising on September 24 after the meeting of the OPEC+ Ministerial monitoring Committee. This is evidenced by the auction data.

At 7:50 GMT, the cost of December futures for the North Sea oil mixture of Brent rose by 1.25%, to 79.22 dollars per barrel, the price of November futures for WTI crude oil - by 1.2%, to 71.63 dollars per barrel.

On September 24, investors win back the results of the tenth meeting of the Ministerial Committee for monitoring the OPEC+ transaction, which took place on Sunday in Algeria.

The meeting was held against the background of the market expectations of the us sanctions against Iran in early November, RIA Novosti said.

In this situation, the market wondered whether the OPEC + countries would decide to further increase their production. The expansion was made by the President of the United States Donald Trump.

However, the Committee agreed to continue to strive for a 100% level of compliance with the terms of the Vienna agreement and noted that specific figures are not so important, the main thing is to maintain the achieved market balance.

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