CNPC increases gas production in the fields of the right Bank of the Amu Darya

Gas company "Amudarya" on the 29 of October successfully put into operation four compressor units on Saman-depe field of the contractual territory Bagtyyarlyk operated by the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC).

As reported by the News Agency ORIENT with reference to the press release of CNPC, the launch of compressors was carried out within the second stage of Saman-depe development. Currently, the field has 13 facilities, so that the total production of "blue fuel" can be increased by 6.5 million cubic meters per day, which guarantees a continuous supply of gas from the gas processing plant of Block A in the winter.

The “Amudarya” gas company is responsible for the exploration, development and processing of natural gas produced in Bagtyyarlyk, which is one of the export sources for the Central Asia-China pipeline system.

Since the launch of the "compressor" project in December 2016, the company and its divisions have fulfilled a number of production goals, guided by the principle of "quality first". The first stage of the project was completed at the end of November 2017 with the commissioning of four compressor units, making a significant contribution to ensuring the supply of Turkmen energy to China in the winter-spring season of 2017-2018.

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