The international University of oil and gas held a conference on the development of science in the country

The Information center of the International University of oil and gas hosted the conference "Ways of development of scientific and technological progress in the era of power and happiness", dedicated to the national holiday-the day of neutrality of Turkmenistan. The conference was attended by students and faculty of the International University of oil and gas, the Turkmen state Institute of architecture and construction, employees of the research Institute of natural gas of the state concern "Turkmengas", the research Institute of chemistry, as well as representatives of other government agencies.

After the plenary session, the conference continued its work in 6 sessions. The conference included more than 200 presentations. The reports noted that Turkmenistan pays great attention to the development of science. This is confirmed by the annual celebration of science day on June 12. In the era of power and happiness, science has been chosen as the basic basis for the accelerated entry of Turkmenistan into the number of advanced and dynamically developing countries of the world.       

The speakers also emphasized that the most important aspect of the state scientific and educational policy is the development of a broad international partnership, close cooperation with the world scientific and educational centers. Introducing advanced international standards in this sphere, our country is systematically expanding cooperation, concluding promising contracts and agreements with interested partners.

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