Innovations and modern technologies – for energy industry of Turkmenistan

The scientific and practical seminar held in the Center of technologies of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan on April 19 is devoted to implementation of innovative technologies in the oil and gas industry. It is urged to intensify scientific and target applied researches in the fuel and energy sphere which is one of strategic industries of national economy.

Staff of the Center of technologies, the Ministries of oil and gas of Turkmenistan, teachers and students of the Turkmen State Institute of transport and communication and the International University of oil and gas, representatives of the State Concern "Turkmengas" has taken part in work of a seminar.

A number of reports at a seminar has been devoted to universality, potential and prospects of use of the geographical information systems (GIS) in an oil and gas industry. At the same time the special attention has been paid to aspect of application of GIS-technologies in various applied areas of energy industry. Among them - geological exploration and production of hydrocarbons, operation and recovery of wells, operational forecasting of technogenic situations, modeling of localization and elimination of their consequences, monitoring of a condition and quality of operation of remote oil and gas objects, control of pipelines and designing of future energy routes, mapping of the researched objects.

It is remarkable that at the seminar an opportunity to share experience of the early independent studies in this sphere was provided to students of older years. Their performances concerned such hot topics as creation of interactive map of gas wells of the country, various aspects of gas transmission logistics, creation of geographical information system on management and servicing of the international gas-transport system of TAPI.

As participants of the seminar noted, the present condition of development of the oil and gas industry of the country assumes use of "intellectual" wells with the special equipment and high-precision sensors that supplies with the maximum information on a condition of an output of fields. Among other perspective directions there are implementations of innovations - remote sensing of the oil and gas areas, aerospace monitoring of a technosphere of Turkmenistan, use in work of space pictures and many other things.

The considerable part of the scientific and applied researches provided at the seminar are directed to acceleration of scientific and technical progress, increase of profitability and reliability of various installations and constructions, development of the most effective mechanisms of operation of economic objects, and also improvement of ecological state of environment.

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