Rural gasification program is implemented in the Northern region

In the framework of the National reform program Gubadag etrap of Dashoguz region, construction of gas pipelines of average pressure, according to the website "Turkmenistan: Golden age".

These days specialists of the Directorate of Dashoguz Association "Turkmengeology" lay of the gas communication to the buildings of the village of "Gaty Oy" peasant Association "Jeyhun". Its total length will be more than 1.5 kilometers.

New high pressure pipelines of different lengths are built in these days as in the villages "Mangyt", peasant Association "Gokchaga", "Okuz-yab" peasant Association "Amudarya" new residential area "Taze oba" of the town Gubadag. By the end of the year, their total length will reach 7.5 kilometers. For the construction of new communications used pipes of different diameters, characterized by increased permeability and durability.

Such works on further gasification of the Northern region are included in the set of state measures to improve the social and living conditions of the population and increase economic growth.

In the coming year, the construction of new gas lines will be carried out in all settlements of region, where only the team of the Dashoguz Directorate of the Turkmen gas Supply Association will build more than 46.5 kilometers of new gas pipelines with gas distribution points.

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