For the cheapness of gasoline Turkmenistan ranks seventh in the world and first in Central Asia

Analytical publication Global Petrol Prices (USA), published the next ranking of countries on gasoline prices. Of the 150 countries in the world for which experts weekly monitor the prices of petroleum products, Turkmenistan took the seventh place in the ranking on the cheapness of gasoline as of December 31, 2018. 

According to the analytical data of the publication, the cheapest gasoline is sold in Venezuela. There its average annual price was only one cent. In second place - Sudan ($0.13), the third — Iran ($0.29). Kuwait ($0.34), Algeria ($0.35) and Nigeria ($0.41) respectively gained a foothold in the fourth, fifth and sixth places.

Gasoline prices in Turkmenistan were identical with those in Egypt, where a-95 gasoline is sold at 43 cents per liter.

Also, according to the publication, Turkmenistan is ahead of all CIS countries in terms of cheap gasoline. Thus, Azerbaijan is the closest in the list to Turkmenistan— on the ninth position. There 1 liter of fuel is four cents more expensive. Kazakhstan took the tenth place with 48 cents per liter. Uzbekistan — on the eighteenth line, Kyrgyzstan-on the twenty-third. Russia took the twenty-fifth place in the ranking with $0.68 per liter of fuel

It should be noted that the prices for motor fuel in Turkmenistan are fixed. All types of oil products are sold at a single price set by the state and are the same throughout the country. A-95 gasoline is sold at gas stations for 1.5 manats, which is equal to 43 cents at the rate of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan. A-92 and diesel fuel cost 1.35 manats (38 cents). Gasoline A-80 is sold for 1.15 manats (33 cents).

Processing of oil into fuels and lubricants, as well as their wholesale and retail sales in the country are exclusively state-owned enterprises. 

Currently, gasoline and diesel fuel in the country are produced at the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries and the Seida refinery. As a result of the deep modernization carried out at these enterprises, they are able to produce fuel of the Euro-5 standard. In the coming year, Turkmenistan will put into operation a new plant for the production of gasoline from natural gas of Euro-5 standard.

The last increase in prices for gasoline and diesel fuel in the country was held in February 2018. Before that, 1 liter of a-95 gasoline cost 1 manat (28 cents).

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