President: the introduction of digital technologies in the fuel and energy sector opens up new prospects for the development of the oil and gas industry

One of the priority areas of sectoral research institutions should be the development of recommendations for the innovative development of the oil and gas industry, including digital well projects and fields. The urgency of this task was stated by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at a government meeting held last Friday.

The head of state focused on the prospects offered by the use of the latest digital technologies in the oil and gas sector. This allows to significantly increase the efficiency of geological exploration, the development of hard-to-reach hydrocarbon deposits, and the efficiency of long-term exploited deposits.

During the meeting, Myratgeldi Meredov, Vice-Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, reported on the results of the work of enterprises of the fuel and energy complex in January 2019

In particular, it was reported that during the reporting period, the plan for the extraction of oil and gas condensate was fulfilled by 103.2 percent, natural and associated gas - by 107.9 percent, processing of hydrocarbon raw materials - by 113.3 percent, gasoline production - by 101 , 3 percent, diesel fuel - by 108.8 percent, lubricating oils - by 100.9 percent, liquefied gas - by 110.6 percent, and for investment development - by 113.5 percent.

After hearing the report of Vice-Chairman M. Meredov on the work of fuel and energy enterprises in January 2019, the President focused on the further development of the oil and gas industry and the strengthening of its production and scientific and technical potential.

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