Turkmenistan and the EU are increasing the dynamics of partnership.

The delegation of the European Union headed by Christian Berger, head of the EU mission to Turkmenistan, who arrived in Ashgabat on a working visit, held a number of meetings on March 4 in the ministries and departments of our country, during which the key areas of cooperation of Turkmenistan with the EU countries were discussed

As noted during the meetings, the EU is interested in expanding the long-term dialogue with Turkmenistan, as a strategic partner, currently occupying leading positions in the Central Asian region and demonstrating peacekeeping potential in the development of regional and interregional cooperation.

The positive dynamics of the development of relations between Turkmenistan and the EU was also noted, which is confirmed by many already implemented and ongoing joint projects and programs in the field of economy, education, environmental protection.

The results of the 18th meeting of the EU-Turkmenistan Joint Committee held in the Belgian capital in February 2019 were positively evaluated, during which the issues of development of trade relations, promotion of reforms in the field of economic policy of Turkmenistan were discussed in the context of the new EU Strategy for Central Asia.

During the meetings, issues related to the opening of the EU representation in Turkmenistan in the near future were also discussed.

It is worth recalling that one of the priorities of the partnership between Turkmenistan and the EU is the oil and gas sector, and in particular, the diversification of energy supplies. Thus, at the February meeting of the Consultative Council on the Southern Gas Corridor, the European Union and Azerbaijan proposed Turkmenistan to join the SGC project. The potential for the supply of Turkmen gas to the European Union was considered at the recent meeting of the Joint Committee “European Union-Turkmenistan” held in Brussels.

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