New perspectives of partnership between Russia and Turkmenistan

After a three-year break, Russia and Turkmenistan return to the supply of Turkmen gas to the Russian Federation. Along with obvious sectoral mutual benefits, this decision strengthens the political and economic positions of Turkmenistan in the CIS and the EEU, as well as Russia in the Central Asian region. This is reported in the article “Not a single gas would be the only ... New perspectives of the partnership of Russia and Turkmenistan”, posted in the “Eurasia Rhythm” online edition.

As the author of the publication, Aleksey Baliyev, writes, “negotiations are still going on, as they say, in a half-closed mode: both parties have not yet specified for the media the discussed options for supply volumes, prices, and cooperation in related industries. This is understandable only because the gas, especially gas export projects of both countries are under close monitoring by the United States, NATO, and the European Union. If only because the Russian Federation and Turkmenistan are the largest players on the energy market of the former USSR and, accordingly, significant participants in the global gas and energy market in general. ”

The article notes that “a number of important aspects of these negotiations clarified recently Alexey Miller in an interview with the central television channel of Turkmenistan“ Vatan ”:“ ... we see great prospects for expanding cooperation in the gas sector. The most important thing is the understanding that we will literally continue working within the framework of the contract for the purchase of turkmen gas in the near future. This is the main direction in which we have always worked. ”

Negotiations also concern cooperation in the supply of equipment produced in Russia. At the same time, the head of “Gazprom” specified that “the supply of Russian pipes for pipeline projects to the Turkmen market is another one of the promising areas of our partnership.” And in a broader context, discussing the dynamics of bilateral and global demand for high-value gas products, “we noted that gas processing and gas chemistry are an interesting direction of the gas industry, since it is possible to export not gas but its processing products”.

The publication also notes that the basic agreement between the Russian Federation and Turkmenistan “On cooperation in the gas industry”, signed on April 10, 2003 in Moscow, is intended for the period up to 2028 inclusive.

The author of the article is confident that “the geographical extent and high throughput capacity of gas pipelines in the western, southwestern and northwestern border areas of the Russian Federation make it possible in the coming years to export Turkmen gas, moreover in large volumes, to almost all regions of Europe.

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