Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov congratulated compatriots on the 74th anniversary of the Great Victory

I cordially congratulate you on the 74th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945! The Victory Day is the greatest event that embodied the desire of humanity for peace, friendship and fraternity, for the triumph of humanism and goodness, the President’s Address to the Turkmen people says.

In 2019, we celebrate Victory Day with cultural events, we hold meetings designed to instil a sense of patriotism and courage in the younger generation, and we arrange musical and song festivities. In Ashgabat - the ceremony of laying flowers to the memorial complex "People's Memory". Memorable events will be held in all cities and villages of the country.

These events unite our society and inspire people to new creative deeds, develop a sense of national pride among young people, and play an important role in consolidating the efforts of the international community in strengthening peace and friendship.

Victory came at a high price. The war turned hundreds of cities into ruins, brought devastation and famine, cut off the lives of millions of people. Despite the past decades, this aggressive, ruthless in its cruelty war left pain and suffering, bitter memories in the hearts of the peoples of the world, including the Turkmen people. In the ranks of the multinational army, whose soldiers, sparing no lives, fought bravely against the hated enemy, there were also our countrymen, in the Great Victory there is also their great merit. Their courage was the highest example of heroism, it is noted in the message.

During that cruel war the population of Turkmenistan worked tirelessly, the Turkmen people who remained in the rear helped the front, bringing the Victory Day closer. Our women, having handed over in Fund of defense of 7392 kilograms of gold and silver jewelry, showed a sample of humanism. In the war of the Turkmen craftswomen were woven carpet-giant "Turkmenin Kalby".

We are sincerely proud of our brave countrymen, bow our heads before their military exploits and learn from them selfless love for the Motherland! After all, they are not sparing their lives, fighting the enemy at the front and working in the rear, together with representatives of other peoples saved humanity from enslavement and death. And today we, descendants of heroes, do everything in our power for preservation of the world peace and strengthening of the relations of friendship and brotherhood between the people, - it is said in the Address.

We are working hard to ensure the well-being of the people. We are confident that our aspirations will be crowned with success, because today independent Turkmenistan enjoys great authority in the world as a peace-loving neutral state. The development of the social sphere is one of the key aspects of our state policy, and in this context we are successfully ensuring that every citizen of the country lives in peace and is happy.

As always, our main task is to create favorable conditions for war and labor veterans - wise elders, who are gray-haired mothers. It is they who make a significant contribution to strengthening the unity and cohesion of society, to the patriotic and humanitarian education of the younger generation. Successfully implementing our programs for the further development of the country, carrying out socio-economic, cultural, educational, social and political transformations, we ensure a happy and prosperous life of the people of Turkmenistan.

Every year, to mark the Victory in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945, veterans and soldiers ' widows are given valuable gifts in a solemn ceremony on behalf of the state. Veterans of war and labor are provided with benefits for recreation and treatment in modern medical centers and health resorts of the country. We are proud of our veterans who show an example of selfless love for the Motherland, making a great contribution to the Patriotic education of young people, - the presidential Address emphasizes.


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