Turkmen gas as an independent source for Nord Stream-2, experts

For Russia, natural gas of Turkmenistan may be the best option to fill the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline with gas from independent sources. Russian blogger Dmitry Verkhoturov talks about this in the article “Russia and Turkmenistan resume gas relations - everyone will benefit”, published on Sputnik Kazakhstan.

With reference to the expert Valery Chumakin, the author of the publication notes that the EU Council on April 15 of this year introduced new amendments to the Gas Directive, according to which the gas pipeline operator is obliged to fill it with gas from independent sources by 50%. Considering that the total throughput of the two Nord Stream lines will be 55 billion cubic meters, Gazprom will need to find more than 22 billion cubic meters of gas from independent suppliers.

- Azerbaijan does not foresee free gas volumes - it needs to supply 10 billion cubic meters annually through the Southern Gas Corridor. In Uzbekistan, Gazprom buys four billion cubic meters a year. More than 22 billion cubes can be found only in Turkmenistan. And it is not at all necessary for Turkmen gas to get into Nord Stream II. Here you can use a gas swap, or start up gas from Turkmenistan for the needs of the south and central part of Russia, and in the north the same amount can be pumped into the Nord Stream, ”- Chumakin notes.

According to Verkhoturov, the resumption of Russian-Turkmen gas cooperation has positive implications for the entire region.

It is worth recalling that from April 15, 2019, State Concern “Turkmengas” resumed deliveries of natural gas to Gazprom under the existing intergovernmental Agreement between Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation on cooperation in the gas sector until 2028.

It is noteworthy that, in connection with the visit of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to Turkmenistan to participate in the Council of CIS Heads of Government, the first deputy head of the Russian government office, Sergei Prikhodko, recalled that Gazprom is currently buying Turkmen gas under a short-term contract, which was signed based on the results of agreements achieved in March and April 2019. T

Prikhodko told reporters that "at present, the medium-term contract for the sale and purchase of gas is being coordinated with the State Concern “Turkmengas”, which is expected to enter into force from the third quarter of 2019."

In May, Russian Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Yanovsky reported that Gazprom and Turkmenistan are completing negotiations to conclude a new contract for the purchase of Turkmen gas for up to five years. According to the deputy minister, the parties discuss various options for the volume of gas purchases, and the final decision on this issue will probably depend on the price.

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