Growing volumes of production of road bitumen in Turkmenistan

Refinery of the country rapidly increasing the output of bitumen, used primarily for the construction and repair of roads, which are in Turkmenistan every year is growing rapidly. In the first half of 2016 in general, the production of petroleum bitumen increased by 8.7 percent compared to the corresponding period last year.

Steadily growing production of bitumen at the Seidi Refinery, the production of which it has since February of last year with the commissioning of a modern plant, built by Westport Trading Europe Limited (USA). Commissioning of the modern equipment was performed as described by the President the task of increasing the range and quality of obtained petroleum products, deeper processing of oil and gas condensate.

It is important that this is the first installation, which is based on the process visbreaking of crude oil processing heavy oil residues. The estimated capacity is designed to process per year 118 thousand tons of fuel oil annually, from which will be produced 37.2 thousand tons of oil bitumen. The inclusion of viscosity breaking will allow to increase the volumes manufactured at the plant of the bitumen and to increase the depth of oil refining.

The new production has allowed to increase considerably the production of materials that meet the highest quality standards. In the period January-July this year on SCOR released about 19 thousand tons of high quality road bitumen from crude oil.

At the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries (TCOR) is also increasing production of bitumen, the corresponding current in Turkmenistan standards. Since the beginning of operation at the Turkmenbashi oil refinery in August 2015 with a vacuum distillation W-3, the quality indicators of road bitumen has increased substantially and stabilized.

Due to a number of technological measures at the design capacity of the plant is the sum of bitumen 150 thousand tons in 2015 was made 278 thousand tons of binder for road surfaces. This year, the factory workers maintain a high growth rate of the production of these popular products.

With the completion of construction at the Turkmenbashi oil refinery's another combination of a delayed coking unit with a deasphalting unit tar will be improved viscous road components and increased their production to 400 thousand tons per year.

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