On the East-West main gas pipeline works on electrochemical protection are conducted

More than 300 kilometers of the power line are mounted on the East-West main gas pipeline. After these works along the gas pipeline 40 cathodic stations of electrochemical protection will be established.

Cathodic protection is the most widespread way of electrochemical protection against corrosion of underground metal constructions. For this purpose experts of the general contractor - the State Concern "Turkmennebitgazgurlushyk", will connect certain sections of the pipeline to a negative pole of a control and measuring column, and a positive pole of the cathodic station will be connected with an external additional electrode by a cable. At the same time the closed electric chain of 10-15 volts is formed, at which corrosion of metal is nullified.

The East-West main gas pipeline connects the main fields of the country in integral gas-bearing system. The gas pipeline has been constructed by forces of the domestic enterprises for the order of the State Concern "Turkmengas", that clearly demonstrates presence of high economic and financial potential of our state, which is capable to realize very difficult and large-scale projects.

The complete system of power providing created within the country serves as a guarantee for uninterrupted supply of energy resources in various directions. And it opens new opportunities for expansion of the international cooperation taking into account grandiose plans of Turkmenistan for diversification of export supply of natural gas to the new perspective markets.

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