SC" Turkmennebit": production growth reserves

The staff of trust on repair of wells of the State Concern "Turkmennebit" since the beginning of the year has made underground repair on 287 wells, therefore hundreds of thousands of tons of additional "black gold" and hundreds of millions cubic meters of natural gas have been received. 

The big merit in it belongs to the workers operating the field Barsagelmes – one of the oldest in Turkmenistan. Here on wells which reduce a daily output or stands idle for various reasons planned repair works are regularly carried out. In repairing of wells with low efficiency special flexible pipes, which unlike pump and compressor pipes and have a number of advantages when carrying out underground repair in difficult geologic-geophysical conditions, are successfully used. In such a way in 2016 more than 580 wells have been repaired. 

On other largest oil and gas field of the western Turkmenistan - Goturdepe, where hundreds of wells have been operated for many years, for support of level of production of "black gold" since 2007 the gas-compressor station (GCS) Goturdepe is successfully used. With its commissioning the second wind of the old field has opened. Almost on 400 wells the production of oil is carried out by this highly productive gas-lift way.

The stabilization of production  on this field is also promoted by working of mobile repair crews which carry out underground and capital repairs of wells. Today they have the powerful load-lifting Xj-250 installations of production of China which considerably facilitate work of repairmen and provide stability of all production technological cycle. 

Now drillers of "Turkmennebit" increase the number of wells in a northern part of the field to Goturdepe which is in a coastal zone of the sea where large reserves of oil are predicted. Availability of productive oil-and-gas layers there is confirmed by results carried out in this zone of prospecting drilling and geophysical surveys.

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