The horse relay of the V Asian games arrived to Dashoguz

After Turkmenbashi Seaside district participants of 500-day horse relay of the V Asian indoor and martial arts games, which will pass in Ashgabat in 2017, arrived to Dashoguz.

In honor of a meeting of good messengers of big sports actions in front of the area of the palace of Rukhyet celebrations were held, there the main symbols of the coming new year - Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, representatives of public organizations, professional and amateur actors, gray-bearded aksakals, sports youth participated.

To Dzhigits on achalteke racers warm welcome was given, bread-salt were presented to guests. Dastarkhans were abounded with fragrant churek, traditional dishes of the ethnic cuisine, oriental sweets, generous gifts of the Turkmen earth. Near the main New Year tree of the velayat performances of various on-stage performance groups took place.

The following stage of horse relay will pass on the territory of Mary Region. Here, on the world famous huge gas Galkynysh field the ceremony of ignition of a torch of the Asian Games-2017 will take place. And on September 17, 2017 the horse group will arrive to Ashgabat, to stadium in the Olympic town where the ceremonial opening of the V Asian games in the enclosed space and on martial arts will be held at 17 o'clock. All of us are waiting for this big holiday of sport and frien

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