Turkmenistan will widely celebrate the International holiday Nowruz

In Turkmenistan the National holiday of spring – the International

holiday Nowruz will be widely celebrated on March 21-22.

Speaking about the forthcoming event at a meeting of the

government last Friday, the President Gurbanguly

Berdimuhamedov emphasized that "this one of the most ancient

holidays holds a specific place in civilization development of

humanity, what is proved by its inclusion in the List of non-

material cultural heritage of UNESCO – structure of the UN

concerning education, science and culture". 

As the President noted, on this occasion celebrations at the state

level all over the country will be organized, main of which will be

held in the administrative center of Mary Region. Here on March

21 in the building "Türkmeniň ak öýi" the Turkmen village with

features and way inherent in it will be spread where it will be

possible to look at original traditions and festive ceremonies of the

Turkmen people, incendiary national games.

Here a versatile exhibition of works of national arts and crafts,

museum values, and also production of the food industry and

agrarian and industrial complex will be organized. The festive

program will include performances of the famous dancing and

folklore collectives, popular actors and a bakhshi. Participants

and guests of a celebration will examine process of preparation of

national dishes. The glorified achalteke racers will become

adornment of a holiday also.

Emphasizing value of a holiday, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov

noted that "Nowruz, incorporated best original traditions of the

Turkmen people, their high creative spirit and firm humanistic

ideals, has found new filling in present period. In a basis of this

remarkable holiday primordial customs and an essence of

mentality of Turkmen people are put that is expressed in

peacefulness, neighborliness, friendliness and hospitality", the

head of state told. 

At the meeting of the government the President warmly

congratulated the audience and all people on the International

holiday Nowruz and wished all good health, family wellbeing,

welfare, peaceful and happy life. 

At the 64th session of General Assembly of the UN according to

the offer of Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran and the states of

Central Asia the resolution on establishment of the International

holiday Nowruz has been adopted. It is widely celebrated as the

holiday strengthening the peace relations between the states and

popularizing historical and cultural traditions of the people living in

the countries from Central Asia to the Balkans and the Middle


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