Turkmenistan supports regional integration in the transport sphere

The president of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov who is with a state visit in Astana has considered that the key role in successful economic development of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, their integration in system of global communications, has been played by a cooperation in the transport sphere.

Speaking at joint talks in an expanded format, the Turkmen leader has noted that the construction of a long distance railway in the area of Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran became one of bright results of this cooperation.

According to Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, this highway will allow to remove on qualitatively new level an economic and trade cooperation between the countries of Central Asia and the neighboring regions and will give a powerful impulse to interregional communications for a long-term outlook.

The head of state has emphasized that the Turkmen-Kazakhstan cooperation in a transport segment acts as one of engines of development of Central Asia and adjacent regions, the most important factor of successful economic integration and partnership on the North-South and East-West line today.

As the President has considered, the advantageous geographical location of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan on a joint of continental Euroasian routes objectively dictates the need of further building-up of the cooperation for transport projects, participation in construction of new transport and transit corridors of regional and continental value. Earlier it was reported that in December, 2014 the project on construction of a transnational long distance railway of Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran was complete.

On predesigns the annual amount of transportations as a result can make 10-12 million tons of freights. On this trade way freights can be freely transported to Gulf States, to the Indian Ocean, be taken out to Europe. In 2016 Kazakhstan joined the project of a transport corridor Central Asia - the Middle East (Uzbekistan - Turkmenistan - Iran - Oman). The new corridor will allow the countries of Central Asia to contact in the long term ports of the Persian and Omani gulfs an optimum route.

At the expert level possibilities of prospects of a cooperation in the field of customs activities, transportations by a road, railway and sea transport and joint investments are studied.

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