Oil prices: Brent - $77.47 per barrel, WTI - $74.14

World oil prices are rising on July 9. This is evidenced by the auction data. As of 8:39 Moscow time, the cost of September futures for the North sea oil mixture of Brent rose by 0.47% to 77.47 dollars per barrel, August futures for WTI oil - by 0.43%, to 74.14 dollars per barrel.

Last Monday, the national Libyan company NOC declared force majeure due to the blocking of shipment of raw materials from the ports Zuetina and Hariga. The NOC also warned that oil production in Libya could collapse by 850 thousand barrels per day, if the blockade of Eastern ports continues, RIA Novosti reported.

Also earlier it became known that the canadian company Syncrude, which produced (by cleaning from soil, sand and water) up to 360 thousand barrels of oil per day, because of the accident will be closed for repairs at least until the end of July.

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