SOR increases production of export-oriented products

Seydi Oil Refinery is a major exporter of petroleum products on the world market. For a quarter of a century, straight-run gasoline, diesel fuel and fuel oil produced from crude oil and gas condensate are purchased by companies in Europe and Asia through the State commodity exchange. And this year, the first thousands of tons of high-quality road bitumen were shipped for export. Oil refiners of the city of Seidi produce products that meet high international standards, according to the electronic newspaper "Turkmenistan: Golden age".

Over the past five years, the plant has successfully implemented two innovative projects. According to contracts with the American company "Westport Trading Europe Limited", in 2015 was launched a state – of-the-art automated installation for the production of road bitumen with a capacity of over 37 thousand tons per year, and then completed a comprehensive reconstruction of the unit for processing of crude oil-catalytic reforming, which allowed to start production of high-octane gasoline components of the Euro-5 brand. The company plans to increase the production of light oil products and increase exports.

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