В Геоктепинском этрапе заложен новый административный центр Ахалского велаята

On April 10, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in a solemn ceremony of laying the foundation of the administrative center of the Ahal region, a new city, which will be built on the virgin lands of the Geoktepe province.

The area where the administrative center will be built has been carefully studied by scientists, its ecological condition and the seismicity of the area have been investigated. Roads will be laid here, transport communication with the region province will be established.

The new city is designed for more than 70 thousand inhabitants. In two stages, it is planned to build over 400 cottages and multi-storey houses, in which the best conditions will be created for living, recreation, and harmonious upbringing of children.

In the new administrative center of the region, 10 kindergartens with 320 places each, 19 secondary schools with 720 places will be erected. In addition, there are primary and secondary special schools, two art schools.

A wide network of medical institutions will be created, including the Center for maternal and child health, other institutions. In the region center there will be built the Rukhiyet Palace, the House of culture, the drama theater, the library, the circus and the museum, two modern sports complexes. For the rest of the townspeople scheduled to spread the park. In the shopping center, the population will be provided with various types of services.

Along with this, the construction of the International higher school of horse breeding with a hippodrome, training grounds, arenas and stables, the Scientific-production center of this profile is envisaged.

The city will be provided with networks of administration, business, social sphere, transport and communication infrastructure which will create new jobs and resolve the issue of employment of the population.

For people who come to live in the future city, the best conditions will be created, they will be provided with work, the most modern living environment will be created. This will allow not only to attract numerous residents here, but also to fundamentally transform the economy of the region, the development of whose industries will receive a new impetus, the President said.

Along with this, the formation of active economic, labor, socio-cultural and business ties between the settlements around Ashgabat will begin. Logistics, trade, finance and technology will receive significant growth incentives. In turn, this will determine the new contours and directions of the political, social and economic development of the country in the near future.

The new city will grow in the picturesque foothills of the Kopetdag in three to four years.

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