The 1st Caspian Economic Forum was presented in Romania

The Embassy of Turkmenistan in Romania together with the Academy of Economic Sciences of Bucharest held a round table for students and teachers. On it, the diplomats told about the holding of the 1st Caspian Economic Forum, which will be held on August 12, 2019 in the Avaza National Tourist Zone, according to the ORIENT news agency.

Among the participants of the round table are representatives of the leadership of the Academy, professors of the Faculty of International Business and Economics, other faculties, students, including Turkmen. The participants of the meeting took part in the discussion of the topic "Modern economic challenges and prospects in the Caspian region - the experience of Turkmenistan."

The Vice-Rector of the Academy for International Cooperation, Marius Konstantin Profiroiu, who visited Turkmenistan in early 2019, noted the prospects for the development of Turkmen-Romanian economic cooperation. According to him, the Caspian Economic Forum will help establish mutually beneficial partnerships between Turkmenistan and the participating countries. He also noted that Romanian companies will show interest in the event.

The presence of a large potential for economic cooperation in the Caspian Sea region was announced by the head of the department of international business and economics, Professor Radu Mushetescu.

In his opinion, such parties as the EU, the US, China and other global players are interested in implementing partnership programs in the Caspian. And cooperation with them can be expanded in such areas as energy, transport, investment, private sector development, etc.

Romania, the presidency of the EU, is a long-time partner of Turkmenistan and is interested in expanding the partnership in the fuel and energy sector. Therefore, numerous energy and logistics projects to revive the Great Silk Road, initiated by Turkmenistan, always find a response from Europeans.

The construction of the port of Turkmenbashi, the successful test launch of the Lazurite Corridor, the negotiations on connecting Turkmenistan to SGC and the laying of the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline are of interest to both state structures and private companies.

The Caspian Economic Forum in Avaza can offer European partners other projects to expand mutually beneficial cooperation. The forum will include an international conference, an exhibition of innovative technologies of the Caspian Sea, negotiations on the implementation of investment projects and programs, the creation and development of special free economic zones, consultations on the improvement of national legislation, standards and rules in the trade and economic sphere.

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