The Caspian region is a zone of peace, good-neighborliness and trust.

A few days later, a summit of the heads of the Caspian States will be held on the shores of the Caspian sea. The Caspian region and issues related to it occupy an important place in the foreign policy strategy of Turkmenistan.   Turkmenistan has always taken and will continue to take an active position in the Caspian sea. The territories of the five Caspian countries are a natural geographical space linking Asia with Europe, ensuring the effective functioning of transit transport and trade corridors, ensuring peace, security and stability in the region, strengthening relations of friendship, good-neighborliness and broad cooperation between coastal States and peoples United by centuries-old ties. The forum will include an international conference and exhibition of innovative technologies of the Caspian sea. A number of meetings will also be held, during which documents and framework agreements will be signed, which will serve as an impetus for strengthening the development of mutually beneficial cooperation of the Caspian countries. 

The first Caspian economic forum, which will be held on August 12, 2019, will confirm the readiness of all Caspian States to consolidate conditions in this direction. The Caspian sea should forever become a zone of peace, good-neighborliness, mutual understanding and trust.

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