As a result of the First Caspian economic forum, a number of recommendations were adopted

The participants of the First Caspian economic forum, held on August 11-12 in Turkmenbashi, recommended "to encourage investment and stimulate innovation in the energy, industrial, transport, trade and other sectors of the economy of the Caspian States." The recommendation is contained in the statement of the presidency issued at the end of this major regional forum.

The document also recommends taking the necessary steps to increase the attractiveness of the economies of the Caspian countries in order to further actively integrate the Caspian region into the international economic space.

In addition, it is recommended to further strengthen regional cooperation in such areas as socio-economic development, environmental protection, science and innovation, exchange of economic information; strengthen cooperation and coordination between the countries of the Caspian region and the UN system.

It is also proposed to hold Caspian economic forums on a regular basis in the coastal cities of the Caspian States.

The forum participants noted that the platform of the Caspian economic forum could become an important form of cooperation aimed at ensuring economic growth in the region and beyond. The importance of active participation and assistance of international organizations and financial institutions in the development of international economic cooperation in the Caspian Sea was also stressed. In addition, it was recognized the need to combine efforts to realize the significant potential of the sectors of the economy of the Caspian countries.

The need to build trade and investment policy and trade facilitation capacities and export supply capacities for trade and investment in the Caspian region was also stressed;

The statement of the Forum participants expressed gratitude to the Government of Turkmenistan for the high level of organization of the First Caspian economic forum and hospitality.


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