Turkmenistan – in the TOP 10 countries with the cheapest gasoline

According to the results of 2019, Turkmenistan was in the TOP 10 countries with the cheapest gasoline, GlobalPetrolPrices.com reports. In the country, one liter of A-95 gasoline costs 1.5 manat ($ 0.43). This indicator puts the Turkmen state in first place in the CIS and eighth in the world.

According to the rating published by the portal on December 30, 2019, Kazakhstan is on the ninth line, where a liter of gasoline is sold for $ 0.46. TOP–10 closes Azerbaijan with an indicator of $ 0.47.

“The average price of gasoline worldwide is $ 1.12 per liter,” the portal notes.

According to the GlobalPetrolPrices.com rating, a liter of gasoline in Russia costs $ 0.74, in the USA – $ 0.77, in China – $ 1.05 per liter.

The cheapest gasoline in the world in Venezuela is $ 0.001 per liter, and the most expensive is in Hong Kong. There, a liter of gasoline costs $ 2.32, the portal claims.

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