Accurate work of gas workers is a guarantee of uninterrupted supply of gas to consumers

The employees of the “Gundogargazakdyrysh” department of the “Turkmengazakdyrysh” association in the territories of Mary and Lebap regions serve the main gas pipeline with a total length of 2570 km, as well as gas distribution stations, etc. Gas workers conduct periodic checks of the technical condition of gas pipelines, gas metering devices in homes. This work is carried out simultaneously with the full maintenance of internal gas pipelines and gas-using equipment.

With the growth of gasification of cities and settlements, the importance of maintaining in good condition street gas networks, gas control points and installations, gas pipelines, their yard wiring, indoor gas equipment and gas appliances is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to the precise work of gas workers in the winter days, an uninterrupted supply of gas to all consumers is carried out.

So, gas distribution service No. 1 of the “Gundogargazakdyrysh” department has 5 gas control units, as well as more than 30 gas distribution stations. The forces of experienced craftsmen and gas fitters carry out preventive maintenance and repair of gas pipelines, gas equipment in residential buildings and industrial enterprises.

Technical maintenance of pressure regulators, diagnostics of the technical condition of internal gas pipelines and gas-using equipment, preventive maintenance of gas pipelines, carried out on time, ensure their safe and uninterrupted operation.


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