Innovative technologies for using gas sulfur - by the Institute of chemistry

Specialists of the Institute of chemistry Of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan offered innovative ways of utilization and industrial use of natural sulfur extracted from oil and gas fields of our country to the State concern "Turkmengas".

Scientists have developed a technology for obtaining modified sulfur from by-products of gas production, as well as waste from industrial processing of this mineral, the website "Turkmenistan: Golden age" reports.

Due to the increasing rate of natural gas production, a large amount of sulfur waste accumulates in the fields. For a long time, their disposal and reuse was considered unprofitable. In our country, the main consumer of sulfur is a chemical plant in Turkmenabat that produces sulfuric acid. At the same time, the issue of processing the entire volume of gas production by-product and industrial waste of sulfur remains unresolved.

According to scientists Of the Institute of chemistry, innovative technologies in material-intensive industries can become a new direction of useful use of gas sulfur. The developed composition of modified sulfur was recommended by the Institute to the State concern "Turkmengas" as a polymer binder. It was proposed to establish the production of composite material - polymer concrete on the basis of modified sulfur.

The use of a sulphur-polymer binder in the production of asphalt concrete reduces the cost of work and significantly increases the wear resistance of road surfaces and their service life. The technology proposed by scientists for producing products based on modified sulfur was approved by specialists of the SC "Turkmengas" as a possible option for introduction into production.

When searching for new directions of industrial application of gas sulfur, scientists paid attention to its protective properties. The sulfur-polymer composite composition can be used as an anti-tracking additive in the production of granular nitrogen fertilizers (urea, ammonium nitrate). An even greater protective effect is achieved in combination with humic concentrates obtained from the brown coals of the Tuarkyr Deposit.

However, according to scientists, there are other, no less effective ways to use sulfur and sulfur waste. Thus, it is most rational to use sulfur and sulfur waste to create concrete compositions in such material-intensive industries as road and hydraulic engineering. Competitive advantages of sulphur-polymer compositions are due to the use of cheap and affordable raw materials for their production - sulfur binders, as well as high strength, chemical resistance and abrasive wear resistance.

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