Management "Burnebitgazkhyzmat" work ahead of schedule

Workers at the “Burnebitgazkhyzmat” service department of the “Nebitgazburavlayysh” SC “Turkmennebit” group of companies make a significant contribution to the overall achievements of the oil industry in Turkmenistan. Thanks to the efforts of drillers, the area of ​​exploration is expanding annually, promising oil and gas fields are being developed.

Since the beginning of 2020, the sinking of the earth's bowels under the management of Burnebitgazkhyzmat” has amounted to 32 thousand 898 meters. The work is ahead of schedule

The Department has high-performance equipment at its disposal, including five overhead cranes with a load capacity of up to 12.5 tons, designed for installation and Assembly work. Modern technology allows you to accurately perform lifting and unloading operations necessary for transporting pipes of various diameters along railway tracks.

In addition, the management team performs secondary commissioning of casing pipes at a professional level. Modern equipment ASW-1050, ASW-700 allows you to diagnose the condition of pipes and quality Troubleshooting. During the reporting period, more than 30 thousand meters of pipes were diagnosed and sent to production.

And also, the service department of “Burnebitgazkhyzmat” registers new, as well as used drill pipes. When new pipes arrive at the enterprise, technical specialists draw up a passport for a set of pipes and then they are sent for commissioning.

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